Bows for sale (All prices in Australian dollars)

  • We have student bows with genuine Horse hair, from $50.00

These bows come in 4/4, , and 1/8 size. These bows have been specially selected by us as being the best value for money bows available on the Australian market.

  • Fine Octagonal Brazil wood stick, fully mounted Nickle Silver on ebony. These bows make for an excellent student Bow: $125.00

  • Pernambucco round and octagonal sticks Nickle Silver mounted on ebony Retail: $250.00 - $350.00

  • Finer Pernambucco sticks Sterling Silver mounted on ebony Retail: $500.00, on

  • We also have a large selection of older reconditioned Bows P.O.A. to suite the discerning players.

  • Fine hand made bows by Roderick Smith starting at: $2000.00
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