The firm of Luthiers, "Smith and Smith VIOLINS", represented by violin makers Kitty Smith and Roderick Smith, daughter and grandson of A. E. Smith (founder of the family company in 1919), demonstrates excellence in all aspects of string instrument making, producing works displaying fine craftsmanship and superb tonal qualities.

Expertise with repairs and advice in all matters concerning maintenance, ensure that instruments are in optimum playing condition to satisfy students and professionals alike.

Quality and service, plus an Australian legacy and on-going tradition in the art of Violin making allows me to highly recommend the firm to all who appreciate fine work.

Kerry Smith - Violinist

Dear Rod,

I felt compelled to write and thank you for the work you have done on my violin recently.
I have had work done on the instrument by various "makers/repairers"over the years. I must say that this is the first time the fiddle has come back and not only looks wonderful, but plays so much better than before. Your "set up"and your obvious love and understanding of the violin, as well as the physics of playing the instrument are truly outstanding.

Like all violinists, there are times that we need "just that little something"to justify the many hours of practice besides performance. There is much given up for the love of the music and the instrument itself. For me the work you have done has been just that, "like having a block of chocolate at Grandma's house,"Very Special.

Sincerely thank you and I can not wait to come to your workshop and try a Smith's Violin.

Rob Hodgetts
Contempo String Ensemble.

Dear Rod,

Please find enclosed cheque for repairs to my violin. I am most impressed by the improvement in the quality of music from it. Iain assured me that you were a crafstman and that, you would do a good job.

My daughter was appreciative of your collection and recommended I should come and see it. Next time I need work done I'll have to hand deliver the violin personally, if I may.

Once again I am most grateful for the improvement in the violin.

Paul Aland, Tewantin
Smiths' Violins Home